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A memorial to Raymond F. Hammelman 2002,
is an Eagle Scout Project by Sam R. Johnson


Sarah and Nathan Lemm Sarah Lemm, 30, says "I found it!" She along with husband Nathan Lemm, 31, of Farmington, Minnesota are researching their family genealogy using the newly created Calvary Cemetery directory, available at the cemetery and on line, to find the grave of her Grandma Ruth Evenson.

Directory DrawerThe print version of the cemetery directory shown above.

Calvary Cemetery has 1,235 sites and is growing by about 10 per year. The earliest birthdate shown is from the 1700's, in the latest directory, with over 1,235 records now online.

Lowell Fouks in July 2002. Lowell Fouks pauses for a minute in July 2002 while working at Calvary Cemetery.

Deer Park History
A discussion on Deer Park History and Calvary Cemetery.
A Real Audio File - 4 min 30 sec.
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Ruth Severson
Ruth Severson, Treasurer
Pete Thompson
Pete Thompson, Board Member
Carolyn Mertz
Carolyn Mertz, Secretary
Calvary Cemetery Association
Board Members

Lowell Fouks, President
Carolyn Mertz, Secretary
Ruth Severson, Treasurer
Ted Olson
Pete Thompson
Kermit Thompson
Barbara Place
Elden Setter
Jerry Croes

Memorial Day 2008 will mark the first time video has been used to cover the Memorial Day event at Calvary.

Video contents:
1. The New Richmond American Legion and the New Richmond VFW salute the buried veterans at Calvary. Chuck Mehls, squad leader.

2. Lowell Fouks lists veterans honored this year and Pastor Pat Nolet of the United Methodist Church, the main speaker, opens the program with a prayer.

The American Legion/VFW squad also called at Cylon Methodist Cemetery near the 4-corners and Saint Bridget's cemetery in Stanton Township before their 10:30 a.m. appearance in Deer Park. Bob Kastens, holding the flag on the left, and Bob Kaczmarski on the far left, who were members of the former Deer Park Legion unit, participated this year as new members of the New Richmond American Legion.

Video file: 8 minutes, 13 seconds | 36,007 KB

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April 14, 2006: A notice from the Calvary Cemetery Association
The price for a gravesite will increase to $300.00 effective August 1, 2006.

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