Holiday Fair 2009

The Holiday Fair held annually at the Deer Park Community Center is another community function that North Country 4-H participates in. This year, John Olson of Elk River played the part of Santa Claus for the 4th year. Although Santa Claus is a fictional figure, everyone including the oldest people, treat Santa Claus with dignity and respect.

Holiday Fair, December 3, 2011.

The Christmas Holiday season has officially begun with the Holiday Fair of 2009 (December 5) featured in this 10 minute 7 second video. John Olson of Elk River is this year's Santa, his second year at Deer Park. Santa takes orders from those who desire electronics from the older, savy youngsters to those that are so young they really don't know what to make of this strange looking guy in red.

A high-speed internet connection is recommended for viewing.

Christmas 2002

Nativity Scene, St Paul Lutheran Church
Nativity Scene
Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Deer Park


Holiday Fair December 7


Santa ClausCurt Nyberg of Artists In The Park, and his companion a little brown bear, entertains Erica Kemling, while playing the role of Santa Claus at Deer Park's Community Center Holiday Fair on December 7th.

St Paul Lutheran Youth Group Pictured are Cheryl Warner, Cassie Gutting and Chrissy Sykora.
The youth group from Saint Paul Lutheran Church had an impressive display of Christmas goodies for sale.  


Vanessa Donahue, Elaine  Solum, Charlene KastensThe kitchen crew is busy, pausing for a photo is Vanessa Donahue and Elaine Solum, in the background Charlene Kastens.

Bob Kastens, Lona Jean DeLong. A couple of old timers get together, Bob Kastens and Lona Jean (Frank) DeLong.

Deb, Vernon and Arial Deb Henke, Vernon and Arial Setter look over items at the Holiday Fair.

Across the street at the library, Kathy Duval, Certified Massage Professional from the Positive Action Therapeutic Center, L.L.C. located in the Arvold Chiropractic Clinic on highway 64, provides a free massage and relaxes Gary Richardson of Deer Park.

The Arvold Chiropractic Clinic is located south of Deer Park near the 4-corners in the former Cylon Methodist Church building.

Massages at the library


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