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Amery Fall Festival
In the 1950's, Deer Park provided a float for the Amery Fall Festival and the display featured a Deer Park queen as well!
Bankers House
It's Sunday afternoon in Deer Park on Park Street West just south of the United Methodist Church. Horse shoes are a popular way to pass the time where close counts. At that time the home to the left was the Methodist parsonage and the home to the right was the Raymond Anderson house. The big house in the middle was built by one of Deer Park's bankers. Estimated date, sometime in the 1950's.

Sue Lackner converted these slides into digital format from a collection taken by Donald and Bernice Krueger. Thanks to Sarah Hager for sending them!

DEER PARK NEWS - May 23, 1936

Burglar Alarm Goes Off Again--

Deputy Sheriff Harry E. Isaacson is in charge of detailing guards for duty at the State Bank of Deer Park until repairs have been made on the vault door. No clues have been found as to the identity of the yeggs who made an unsuccessful attempt to rob the bank Monday night. The clawbar found in their equipment that they left behind in their hasty departure, was taken from the Omaha section house at Clear Lake which had been broken into.

Tuesday night the burglar alarm at the bank went off again about 11. Citizens hurried to the scene wondering if the yeggs had returned to complete the job, but the alarm evidently set itself off due to the badly battered vault door.

Fouks Gets His Man--

Constable Carver Fouks was in considerable of a huff Tuesday evening. He had stopped a reckless and rather speedy automobilist and was laying down the law when all of a sudden the driver stepped on the gas and left Mr. Constable in a cloud of dust. Fouks, however, had secured the license number of the car and immediately notified Police Chief Burman at Amery, who apprehended the speeder and held him until Constable Fouks and Deputy Sheriff Isaacson drove up to Amery to finish their business with him.

On The Move--

The Elmer Swansons have moved into the Burgess house on W-Front-st. which they purchased. Mrs. Elsie Fouks in moving into the house vacated by the Swansons and the Art Jabusches have moved into the Krueger apartment recently vacated by M. C. Emerson, who has moved to New Richmond. The Robt. Baders, Stanton, have moved into a portion of the Frank Jabusch residence.

Sick Folks Improving--

Tom Malum and Ingvald Olson, who have been seriously ill, are now much improved and seen around town again. Mrs. Ronald Wilhelm is also much better and out of danger.

Left Everything Handy--

Emil Gust does not fear robbers evidently as he left his keys in the door of his store opposite the bank the night of the attempted bank robbery. This is not expected to happen again.

The above archived news items were contributed by Lowell Fouks, Deer Park

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