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January 1, 2008

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North Country 4-H is participating again in the Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing event. We will be having a packing party on Monday, September 8. If anyone would like to donate – these are the items we are looking to donate in the box.

Operation Christmas Child Ideas for Boxes
These Operation Christmas Child ideas for boxes are going to work for either gender and most ages.
Hard candy, gum (Please remember to double bag all candy!)
Pencils, colored pencils, and sharpener
Pencil case
A personal letter and photo
About Me page
Glue stick
Safety scissors
Coloring book
Self-inking stamp
Tennis shoes
Water shoes
Flip flops
Hand held toys
Plush small animals
Balls: Tennis balls, bouncy balls, Wiffle balls
Jigsaw puzzle
Finger puppets
Silly Putty
Silly Bands
Small flannel throw (Roll it up! It will fit!)
Bean bag
Hacky sack
Small dry erase board and markers
Teddy bear
Unopened Happy Meal toy
Toy binoculars
Inflatable balls
Solar-powered flashlight
Jump rope
Paddle ball
Yo yo’s
Handheld Etch A Sketch
Small board books
Flash cards
Miniature checkerboard and checkers
Plastic poncho in packet
Drawstring bag
Crafting kit (beads, etc)
Toy toolkit set (Thanks, Jenia!)
Plastic eating utensils
Sippy cup/cup with a lid
Grooming and Hygiene Items for Christmas Shoeboxes
These grooming and hygiene items for Christmas shoeboxes are always welcomed by the children and their families.
Dental floss
Mild soap (Please put in plastic bag or travel container.)
Toothpaste (This too! Be sure it’s in a plastic bag.)
Colorful bandages
Hand wipes
Small pack colorful tissues
Lip balm
Emery board/nail clippers

Operation Christmas Child Ideas for Girls
These are some Operation Christmas Child ideas for girls, if you are packing a girl box.
Package of multi-colored Sharpies
Travel sewing kit (10-14 girl)
Fat Quarter bundles (10-14 girl)
Hair ribbons
Ponytail holders
Small pots/pans with spatula
Bangle bracelets
Clip-on earrings
Pom poms (like the ones used at football games)
Hand mirror (unbreakable)
Operation Christmas Child Box Ideas for Boys
Below are some more tips for Operation Christmas Child box ideas for boys.
Ball cap
Soccer ball with pump
Hammer (10-14 boy, must be in original packaging) (Thanks, Jennifer!)
Nails (10-14 boy, must be in original packaging + zipper bag)
Screwdriver (10-14 boy, must be in original packaging)
Screws (10-14 boy, must be in original packaging + zipper bag)
LED keychain (10-14 boy)
Duct tape (10-14 boy)
Tape measure (10-14 boy)

Our first male in the 5 miler was also pushing a stroller! Also, every person who was at the door-prize event received a door prize! That is huge and we are so happy to have been able to give away things from baked goods to Twin’s Tickets!

The new Deer Park Public Library webpage is up.


The Lutheran Church web page has been updated August 27, 2014.

Deer Park Run/Walk 2013 Race Results

5K race June 29, 2013
Luke Krueger, 19:20 (1st Place, 14-19 and Overall Male)
Kal Gerber, 19:50 (2nd Place Male, 14-19)
David Smith, 21:06
Mike Tansey, 21:14 (1st Place Male, 20-29)
Tom Smith, 22:08 (1st Place Male, 40-49)
Trevor LaMirande, 22:31 (1st Place Male, 0-13)
Kayla Faschingbauer, 23:34 (1st Place, 14-19 and Overall Female)
Jason Sykora, 24:34 (1st Place Male, 30-39)
Jeff Reed, 25:24 (1st Place Male, 60+)
Jim Remington, 26:00 (2nd Place Male, 60+)
Nancy Doar, 26:22 (1st Place Female, 50-59)
Kelsey Faschingbauer, 27:15 (1st Place Female, 20-29)
Aleena Krueger, 28:03 (1st Place Female, 0-13)
Dan Keilen, 28:09 (2nd Place Male, 40-49)
Jerid Krueger, 28:44 (2nd Place Male, 30-39)
Brian Gullickson, 29:30
Kristin Gullickson, 29:30 (1st Place Female, 30-39)
Karen Wynveen, 30:09 (2nd Place Female, 50-59)
Robin Haberman, 31:24 (1st Place Male, 50-59)
Kathy Langness, 32:41
Connie Munn, 33:20
Candy Sykora, 33:40 (2nd Place Female, 30-39)
Mason Krueger, 35:48 (2nd Place Male, 0-13)
RM Ringsven, 36:29 (1st Place Female, 60+)
Bruce Baillargeon, 39:12 (2nd Place Male, 20-29)
Erin Baillargeon, 39:12 (2nd Place Female, 20-29)
Jean Irle, 41:16
Mary Fouks, 41:16
Hannah Otto, 43:48 (2nd Place Female, 0-13)
Karen Zemke, 45:40 (tie: 2nd Place Female, 60+)
Maryann Radigan, 45:40 (tie: 2nd Place Female, 60+)
Ritchie Fouks, 48:10 (2nd Place Male, 50-59)
Sharon Fouks, 49:30
Cindy LaMirande, 49:45 (1st Place Female, 50-59)
Dustin DeSmith, 51:20
Sarah Hager, 55:50
Lisa Dix, 55:50
5 Mile Race June 29, 2013
Dave Gerber, 32:03 (1st Place, 40-49 and Overall Male)
Matthew LaMirande, 33:22 (1st Place Male 14-19)
Heather Larson, 34:59 (1st Place, 40-49 and Overall Female)
Jim Larson, 36:10 (1st Place Male, 30-39)
Rachel Baillargeon, 36:59 (1st Place Female, 20-29)
Holly Connors, 39:07 (1st Place Female, 30-39)
David Goodrich, 39:59 (2nd Place Male, 40-49)
Lee Baillargeon, 40:10 (1st Place Male, 50-59)
Bethany Marx, 40:10 (2nd Place Female, 30-39)
Jeremy Buberl, 41:04 (2nd Place Male, 30-39)
Jim Billargeon, 41:54(1st Place Male, 60+)
Jeremy LeMire, 49:12
Stephanie LeMire, 49:26
Tina Johnson, 53:11 (2nd Place Female, 40-49)
Rachelle DeSmith, 53:47 (2nd Place Female, 20-29)
Josie Ludovico 55:57
Kids Fun Run
Noelle Swenson
Brock Swenson
Jake Swenson
Brandon Swenson
Bryn Connors
Evan Ailts


Deer Park and Forest Churches

The Lutheran Church web page has been updated on August 27, 2014.

Calvary Cemetery

Carlson Family
Erick and Ingaborg Carlson

Recent obituaries - Edith Setter, Geraldine Warner Christiansen, Judith Reiss, Loretta Bethke, Nick Erkeneff, Bertha Potter, Gary Sawyer, Aida de la Vega Larson.

The latest update on the Calvary Cemetery Directory was January 3rd, 2013 - Nancy Parnell, Gertrude Alice (Rosenstiel) Hanson, Ida Leona Lindberg, Loren Herbert Damerow, Connie Sue Fouks, Lester C. Rogers records were added.



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