The State of Deer Park

Information from the 2000 Census
A comparison of local economies surrounding the
Deer Park area in St Croix and Polk Counties

Household Income Deer Park and Cylon residents are leading the area in family and household income.

The charts show the two economies of Northwestern Wisconsin. The suburban metro area wage scales are enjoyed by New Richmond, Star Prairie, Deer Park and Cylon Township residents. Rural/tourist economy wage scales are reflected in Amery and Clear Lake figures.

The national median household income is $41,994.


Family Income Amery has the advantage of nearby high-income medical, law, and educational job opportunities while Deer Park is probably the most disadvantaged. This might have an effect on Deer Park females who have median earnings of $20,000 annually, below the national median of $27,194. But Deer Park males median earnings are $40,208, well above the national median of $37,057. Town of Cylon females do better at $24,750, males do worse at $32,105. The per capita income for the nation is $21,587, Deer Park is at $17,367.

National median family income is $50,046.


Travel Time To Work

U.S. Census figures show mean travel time to work from Deer Park at 27.5 minutes, Cylon Township 27 minutes, 25.6 for New Richmond, 24.8 for Amery and 31 minutes for Star Prairie residents.

The national mean travel time is 25.5 minutes.

Home Value The housing market in Deer Park is not overheated by any measure. But prices do offer opportunities not available elsewhere.

Deer Park and the Town of Cylon have the highest number of houses built before 1939 at 43.3 and 39 percent, Amery 23.5%, New Richmond 19%, Clear Lake 27.5%, Star Prairie is at 23.1%.

The national median home value is $119,600.


High School Grads Deer Park excels and Amery falls short in education. High School education has always been critical because most employers have high school or an equivalent education as a minimum requirement.

Amery ironically is populated by many people who have the expertise to correct such situations. And most Deer Park residents have used the Amery school system to complete high school.

The national high school graduate or higher average is 80.4%


Bachelor's Degree or Higher

Amery hosts a sizable school system, and it is a regional medical, law and real estate center requiring well educated people. Amery comes in at the top at 17.9 percent of the individuals with a bachelor's degree or higher, New Richmond at 17.5, Town of Cylon at 17.2, Star Prairie at 12.9 and Deer Park at 6.4 percent.

The national figure is 24.4%.

Self Employed Main Street of Deer Park these days is deathly quiet with most retail business done outside the area. But there still is a sizable percent that are self-employed, some in occupations that never existed before.

The Town of Cylon is the rural farming area surrounding Deer Park which probably accounts for the higher percentage of self employed.

The national self employment figure is 6.6%.


The Deer Park Garage was one of the first major Main Street changes and was replaced by J&M Printing. You can't buy gasoline but you can get top quality printing done. And there are more employees at J&M Printing than at the garage in the past. Artist's in the Park is now a well established business located in the Deer Park School building. These are two business places that have replaced traditional firms that have vanished.

Main Street August 2003 A scene of Deer Park's Main Street on a quiet, rainy, August Saturday afternoon. Only Deer's Bar is open for business and the print shop and bank are closed for the day. Several decades ago this view would show the bar, a machine shop, a grocery store, locker plant, barber shop and garage, all open for business.


Poverty StatusThe poverty level in Amery and the lower high school graduate level certainly make their mark in this category.

Star Prairie residents are schooled in the New Richmond system but have lower poverty levels than New Richmond residents. The same condition applies to Deer Park with students schooled in New Richmond or Amery.

The national poverty figure is 12.4%


Population The United States is a virtual melting pot of nationalities but Deer Park and the surrounding areas are not. Ancestry is mainly of German, Scandinavian and Irish descent.

Nationally 15.2 percent claim German, 1.6 percent Norwegian, and 10.6 claim Irish in their background. Deer Park figures are 47.5, 30.8 and 11.4, similar to other nearby localities in NW Wisconsin.


The entire Deer Park area also compares favorably to Saint Croix County as a whole and it even compares well to some upscale Minneapolis suburbs. St. Louis Park for example, has a household income of $49,260, and a family income of $63,182. A St. Louis Park male will earn $40,561, nearly identical to someone from Deer Park. And the poverty level there is slightly higher while real estate and housing is considerably more expensive.

Neighboring Town of Stanton, just to the west, show nearly identical results. And Stanton residents are closer yet to metro area jobs.

Bringing industry into a community does not necessarily mean prosperity. After a municipality gives a corporation a building for a minimal price, the corporation will typically pay minimum wage rates, therefore continuing the depressed wage scales. This is occurring in Clear Lake and Amery in addition to other out-state areas throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota.

St Croix County Census 2000

U.S. Census Figures
Numerical Cities-Townships Year Year Numerical Percent
Identification Villages 1990 2000 Change Change
10904425 Baldwin town 911 903 (8) -0.88%
10904400 Baldwin village 2,022 2,667 645 31.90%
10911775 Cady town 643 710 67 10.42%
10918300 Cylon town 639 629 (10) -1.56%
10919325 Deer Park village 237 227 (10) -4.22%
10922400 Eau Galle town 756 882 126 16.67%
10923925 Emerald town 630 691 61 9.68%
10924275 Erin Prairie town 647 658 11 1.70%
10926525 Forest town 614 590 (24) -3.91%
10929600 Glenwood town 700 755 55 7.86%
10929625 Glenwood City city 1,026 1,183 157 15.30%
10932350 Hammond town 819 947 128 15.63%
10932325 Hammond village 1,097 1,153 56 5.10%
10936250 Hudson city 6,378 8,775 2,397 37.58%
10936275 Hudson town 3,692 6,213 2,521 68.28%
10939825 Kinnickinnic town 1,139 1,400 261 22.91%
10957100 New Richmond city 5,106 6,310 1,204 23.58%
10958050 North Hudson village 3,101 3,463 362 11.67%
10963425 Pleasant Valley town 384 430 46 11.98%
10967650 Richmond town 1,400 1,556 156 11.14%
10968275 River Falls city (part) 1,769 2,318 549 31.03%
10968475 Roberts village 1,043 969 (74) -7.09%
10970200 Rush River town 419 498 79 18.85%
10970825 St. Joseph town 2,657 3,436 779 29.32%
10974700 Somerset town 1,968 2,644 676 34.35%
10974675 Somerset village 1,072 1,556 484 45.15%
10975950 Springfield town 772 808 36 4.66%
10976300 Spring Valley village (part) 0 2 2 0.00%
10976675 Stanton town 1,042 1,003 (39) -3.74%
10976850 Star Prairie town 2,098 2,944 846 40.32%
10976825 Star Prairie village 507 574 67 13.21%
10980800 Troy town 2,850 3,661 811 28.46%
10983400 Warren town 1,008 1,320 312 30.95%
10987475 Wilson village 163 176 13 7.98%
10989025 Woodville village 942 1,104 162 17.20%
ST. CROIX COUNTY TOTAL 50,251 63,155 12,904 25.68%