Deer Park History Project

The Deer Park History Project is now collecting history about the Village Whistle. The Whistle sounded loud and clear across the surrounding countryside. On days when the wind was from the right direction it could be heard over 2 miles away. If you lived right in the Village --- it most definitely sounded LOUD and clear.

How did it affect your life as a citizen of the area? Was it a call to come home for meals....curfew....or a fire warning? Do you have any personal stories about the Whistle? We would like to hear them.

Jacquie Dixson and Mary Ann Germain are hoping to collect the history and personal stories about the Whistle and put together a booklet for people who may be interested in having one for their own personal collection of Deer Park History.


JACQUIE DIXSON -- 312 South St. W., Deer Park, WI 54007
    Telephone -- 715-269-5383
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MARY ANN GERMAIN -- 1974 County Road H, Deer Park, WI 54007
    Telephone -- 715-269-5437

LOLA FOUKS -- 1914 County Road H, Deer Park, WI 54007
    Telephone -- 715-269-5202
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