Willow River Parish
On a winter Sunday afternoon December 14, 2003, the young people of Deer Park, Forest and Clear Lake United Methodist Church Sunday Schools presented a Christmas Program at Deer Park.

Music Narrators Response Readers Animals Sheep/Angels Inn Keeper
Amanda Koerper - piano Mitchell Thompson Ronnie Kirk Austin Reed Maya Petersen Bittany Severson
Kennedy Reed - piano LeeAnn Larson Kade Allen Meaghan Pietz Danielle Nelson
LeeAnn Larson - violin Cassie Pietz Brittany Severson Seth Kirk Baby Jesus
Kendra Pechaver - flute Kendra Pechaver Austin Reed Jessica Paulson Benjamin Pietz
Cassie Pietz - flute Katie Warner Koty Beth Allen Lauren DeBoer
Katie Warner - flute Ashley Severson Ariel Petersen Shepherds
Meaghan Pietz - piano Jessica Paulson Andy Kaiser Angels
Austin Reed - piano Kennedy Reed Kings Brent Reichstadt Kevin Salseg
Jessica Paulson - piano Jessica Olson Mary and Joseph Ronnie Kirk Billy Warner Katie Brinker
Ariel Petersen Ricci Maloney Ian Ruble Kade Allen Abby Brinker
Koty Beth Allen Nathan Thompson Danny Jilek Todd Peterson MaKenna Phernetton

Willow River Parish, Christmas Program, December 14, 2003

The oldest group kept the program moving smoothly being noticeably articulate and organized compared to the youngest that are just beginning grade school.>

Methodist Church on December 14, 2003

The Deer Park United Methodist Church under leaden skies on a snowy December 2003 day.

Three girls at the pulpit

The youngest steal the show everytime.<But the youngest people as usual, steal the show in a reenactment of the nativity scene.

Audio Files
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Congregation Sings (20 sec.)

Recital & song (25 sec.)

Two Songs (25 sec.)



Wide view of program

Young people take over the pulpit.
Ricci Maloney plays Mary, Joseph played by Nathan Thompson, Innkeeper is Brittany Severson.

Off stage coaching by Sunday School teacher Brenda Salseg of Forest.
Brenda Salseg, Forest

Two boys


Ruth, Ashley, Missy and Joshua Severson, background, Mandy and Kristi.
Ruth Severson left foreground, Mandy Severson left background, Deer Park Sunday School teachers, and Kristi Severson background right relax over refreshments after the program.

Ashley, Joshua, and mom, Missy Severson
Ashley Severson, Joshua Severson and Mom, Missy Severson.

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