Thanksgiving 2005, Deer Park Community Center

Thanksgiving Crowd
Deer Park United Methodist Thanksgiving Supper November 4, 2005.
Pastor Terri and Pauline Gutting
Pastor Terri Koca and Pauline Gutting

Reverend Terri Koca and Pauline Gutting pause for a photo on November 4, at the Deer Park Community Center. The Deer Park United Methodist Church kicks off the first holiday event in the area attracting people looking for holiday cheer and renewed relationships in the Deer Park area. This year the crowd was large and waited for the 4:30 p.m. event to begin as early as 4:00 p.m.

Rev. Koca has served the Willow River Parish for 7 years which include United Methodist Churches at Deer Park, Forest and Clear Lake. Pauline is a life-long resident of the Deer Park area.


Thanksgiving 2001, Deer Park Community Center

Ruth Severson and Vivian Wildasin
Ruth Severson and Vivian Wildasin hurry to keep up with the crowd streaming in the doorway in the background.
The 2001 holiday season got a big kick-off at the Deer Park Community Center on Wednesday, November 7. Trinity United Methodist Church put on a big Thanksgiving style dinner for the public with all the trimmings. Here are a few of the people that worked hard on this project.

Bill Stuntz
Bill Stuntz has two hands full.

Ann Stuntz
Ann Stuntz is just as busy.

Geraldine Greaton and Mable Arnquist
Geraldine Greaton (Elmer "Swany" Swanson family) and Mable Arnquist (John Jacabson family) both of New Richmond, enjoy the food and long-time Deer Park acquaintances at the Community Center.
Ken Shafer Family.
Ken Shafer family, Amery, get together with Deer Park friends. Ken is a retired electrician.
The Duane Beebe's. The Duane Beebe's arrive. Duane was a long-time employee and later owner of Deer Park Auto Body. They live in Deer Park and Duane currently works in Somerset.
Chris Bethke, retired Deer Park area farmer, comes for good food and good times with old friends. Chris Bethke
Russel SetterRussell Setter is now 88 and brags about his age. Vernon SetterBut brother Vernon Setter has the last laugh and brags too, being over a year older at 89.

Russell, Edith (Mrs. Russell Setter), and Irene (Mrs. Wallace Setter). The Setters get together, Russell, Edith (Mrs. Russell Setter), and Irene (Mrs. Wallace Setter).

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