2001 page

Methodist Church
Trinity United Methodist Church

Nativity Scene
Methodist Nativity Scene

Deer Park's deer on December 23, 2001.
Deer Park's deer watch over Main Street on December 23rd.

Main street looking south
A quiet December Sunday evening on Main
Street looking south during a light snow fall.

Christmas Lights
A North Street residence

Christmas Lights
West Side residence on Front Street

Christmas Lights
A Front Street residence near Main Street

Methodist Christmas Lights
Another view of the Methodist Church with a light coating of snow.
The weather vane at the top indicates a Northwest wind.

This is just a sample of the many attractive Christmas displays in the Deer Park area at Christmas and there are many more not pictured. One of the most brilliant is on the farm just south of the Deer Park village limits. Unfortunately poor road conditions and traffic on highway 46 prevented a safe setting for a night photograph.

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