Cylon Wildlife Area

Cylon Wildlife Area
Deer Park

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Logging in 2001 and 2002

Rachel O'ConnellThree former Deer Park residents tackle crossing the west half of the Cylon Wildlife Area between trails in October 2001.

Shown crossing Willow River is Rachel (Larson) O'Connell of New Richmond and sister Gail (Larson) McNally of Edina, Minnesota. Both made a successful crossing of the river in a few minutes.

Gail McNally Gail shows the boys how to hop rivers in no time at all on a colorful October fall day in 2001.

Dennis Larson crosses the Willow.Dennis Larson, Coon Rapids, 57 going on 17 years (formerly of Larson's Machine Shop at today's High Quality Welding location on Main Street) gives it a try.

Dennis and Gail

Cylon North Lake
Photo taken October 31, 2000 Lake is at the end of the green trail (see map).

Cylon Sign


Area: 2,345 acres, all state-owned. Location: 1-4 miles east of Deer Park. Turn at the Artists In The Park (old Deer Park School) building east off Highway 46.Parking Area

Parking lots (gravel) located at end of 210th Ave., end of 230th Street and west side of 240th Street. Roadside parking.

Principal Wildlife: Grouse, squirrels, ducks, pheasants, deer, furbearers, (beaver, opossum).

Recreation: Birdwatching, berry picking, hunting, hiking.

Habitat: Marsh, farmland, woodland, wetlands.DNR Trees

No motorized vehicles allowed on trails.

Cross country skiing is possible but trails are not groomed.

Comments: Heavily used by hunters in the fall months. Willow River is on the southern side of the area but there is little fishing done at this point.Shooting Black Brook passes through the middle area.

Access is provided by easy-to-walk-on trails (motor vehicle wide) by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. However most travel off the trails is difficult due to heavy vegetation and numerous marshlands, up to a half mile in length. Although the area is only 3 miles long, a compass for off-trail travel is highly recommended.

Cylon Marsh Wildlife Area
St. Croix County

Size: 513 acres, all leased. Location: 4 miles northeast of Deer Park. Roadside parking. Principal Wildlife: Waterfowl, furbearers, woodcock. Other Recreation: Birdwatching. Habitat: Lowland brush, marsh.

Contact: Baldwin DNR
Suite 104, 990 Hillcrest
Baldwin, WI 54002


Services available in Deer Park for hunters and hikers: Auto repair, no fuel, refreshments and meals, post office, Deer Park Public Library for local information, fire department (rescue), picnic area and wildlife in village park, Sunday morning services, Methodist Church, Lutheran Church.