Logging the Cylon Wildlife Area
2001 and 2002

Winter scene looking east at the old Anton Evenson site
A trail looking eastward. It seems like a hike in the deep forest but the next roadway is just over a mile away - if you stay on the trail.

Logging and equipment March 2001 Logging in the Cylon Wildlife Area, March 2001
Logs ready
for market

March 2001

Before it was officially designated, the present day Cylon Wildlife Area has long been a magnet for area people. Although Western Wisconsin may seem empty to urban people, it is nearly fully developed and rural areas are mostly in private hands. Oddly enough in some Twin Cities area suburbs, there are more public lands than in rural Wisconsin which require a long drive or arrangements with private owners for hunting, hiking or fishing.

The Cylon Wildlife Area offers a refuge for wildlife, and people. In an area dotted with dairy and hobby farms, the Cylon experience is a distinct change from the norm and the visitor is immediately plunged into a wilderness with all it's attributes and hazards.

The immediate hazard for those off the trail is getting lost which makes exploration an adventure in itself. For those taking the safer route there is an extensive but unmarked trail system.

The area has seen some vast changes under control of the Wisconsin DNR, the major one is a beaver dam in the eastern half that has created a large swampy area about 0.6 of a mile long and about a 1/4 mile wide. The latest change is extensive logging and shown below are the results of the latest logging techniques.

A Caterpillar waits to haul trees away. Yesterday horses provided the power, today it's a Caterpillar. Logging with mechanical equipment is a messy operation. Clear cutting, condemned previously, now seems to be more the rule than the exception.

Reasons are found for this destructive practice and it, along with other questionable procedures, usually alarms some and enriches others.

February 2002 photos

A Log pile in February of 2002.A typical log pile created with modern mechanical equipment.

It's quick and dirty.

Another log pile in 2002. It used to seem like a brushy area but the brush has now become trees.

Logging area map of 2002. A map of the current logging project now underway. The area is about 1/2 mile long and about 100 yards wide. This is located at the end of the green trail or is accessible by taking the red trail east from the Antons location (see map).

So far our query to the Wisconsin DNR on future logging plans have gone unanswered but activity points to future logging operations about a 1/2 mile to the south in another pine grove.

A Late Great Pine Tree
A late great Pine March 24, 2002

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