DPFDThe 2nd Annual
Deer Park Fire Department 5K Run/Walk
May 27, 2006

Runners and walkers are off and away about 8:05 a.m.

The year of 2006 ushered in an increased awareness of the obesity and inactivity problem in the United States. Decades ago driving everywhere was all the rage. But now running, walking and biking to work/school is re-emerging as an important part of a daily life style.

The Deer Park Fire Department 5K race includes runners and just as many walkers. In this type of race everyone wins. The event is entertaining watching the runners compete and fun for those just out for a fast walk.

The most notable entrants in this year's race were the winners, Chris and Amy Stevens, a husband and wife team from New Richmond, taking first place in the fastest male and female classes. Before the event they "warmed up" with a 17 mile run. They are training for an upcoming 26 mile run.

Joe Ailts, 5K race organizer, came in just 36 seconds behind winner Chris Stevens.

Bernice Krueger was the oldest participant. Bernice travels around Deer Park on foot and bicycle and did very well at this year's event.

Many people stayed together as a group all finishing at the same time. But there was one other pair that were clearly out to race, Joe and Joey Sperling. Both finished at 3rd and 4th place.

After the race was over, race participants and observers looked on as awards and door prizes were given out. The event featured a pancake breakfast at the Deer Park Community Center after the race festivities were completed.

DPFD Run/Walk Race Results
Name Min:Sec Comment
Name Min:Sec Comment
Chris Stevens 17:54 Fastest Male
Joe Ailts 18:30 Race Organizer
Joe Sperling 18:50  
Joey Sperling 18:57  
Jake Michaelson 19:21
Jim Baillargeon 20:13  
Keith Peterson 21:08 Fastest Firefighter
Jim Heebink 21:28  
Bill Rubin 21:35
Amy Stevens 23:31 Fastest Female
Gably Lubiah 24:00  
Dave Goodrich 24:54  
Steve Peterson 25:08
Jerome Sorenson 25:14  
Chris Rost 25:28
Lindry Edson 26:18  
Maggie Derosier 26:31
Eric Russell 26:31  
Rick Nelson 26:40
Tim Jasperson 26:53  
Jordon Kennedy 26:57  
Tera Busker 27:12  
Tom ? 27:32
Kevin Luke 27:35  
Paula Edson 27:38
Laurie Simon 28:18  
Larry Johnson 28:18
Gary Taxdahl 28:25  
Jenny Larson 28:42
Tim Gjovik 29:04  
Roxanne Peterson 29:10  
Mark Chute 29:39  
Jen Sorenson 29:52
Doreen Russell 29:52  
Sabin Coy 31:27
Amanda Dennison 31:44  
Danielle Ailts 31:49
Kerri Leverence 32:07  
Kris Nelson 32:48  
Frank Segerstrom 33:45  
Kris ? 34:17  
Brad Ayers 34:21  
Branden Kennedy 36:22
Luke Krueger 37:35  
Bernice Krueger 38:40 Partial
Michael Foley 39:37  
Steve Coy 39:53  
Galen Coy 39:53  
Bonnie Eastvold 41:27
Bob Krueger 41:37  
Vicki Gjovic 41:38  
Colleen Harris 45:48  
Doris Hansen 45:48  
Carolyn Mertz 45:48  
Janet Krueger 47:16  
Shannon L Krueger 47:16  
Janna Chute 47:16  
Diane Jasperson 48:57  
Kathy Sholz 50:26  
Shannon M Krueger 50:26  
Sue Baukol 53:02  
Amy Baukol 53:02  
Jennifer Waidlich 53:02  
Alaina Jean Bartman 53:02  
Chris Stevens Winner
Chris Stevens, winner
Amy Stevens Fastest Female
Amy Stevens, fastest female runner

Runners 5
Mom and the kids all go.

Record Keepers
Record Keeping is critical.
Joe Ailts passes the firemen.
Deer Park Firemen watch over the runners and walkers.

Steve Coy
Bernice Krueger
Bernice Krueger

r 1521
Joe Sperling finishes in 3rd place,56 seconds behind Chris Stevens.
3rd place youngster
2nd place youngster

3rd place, female
2nd place, female
1st youngster
Fastest youngster

halfway point
Runners are handed water by one of the fireman on the left at the halfway point, just over 1.5 miles from the finish line. Joey Sperling is approaching the halfway point, Joe Sperling is behind him and Joe Ailts has just passed by and is heading back behind Chris Stevens.

At the halfway point, Joey Sperling is in the number 3 position at about 8:14:30 a.m. Joe Sperling is 15 seconds behind him but finished ahead of Joey by 7 seconds. First, second, third and fourth place runners crossed the halfway point around 8:14 a.m. within 45 seconds.

Joe Ailts and son
Joe Ailts and son Evan, 2 months old.

Thanks once again to Matt Kennedy of Deer Park who provided the finish line photos. Matt has a new web site at mattkennedyphotography.com. Matt provides photo services ranging from portraits to weddings.

Also thanks to Joe Ailts, Deer Park Fire Department race organizer, for providing this year's race results. Joe is planning another DPFD Run/Walk for 2007.

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