Deer Park Easter Egg Hunt photos courtesy of Cheryl Kemling



North Country 4-H once again held their annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Deer Park Village Park on Saturday, March 26. Prizes were given to all age groups, and a grand prize was also drawn for each age group. In addition to the egg hunt there was egg decorating and a coloring contest.

Tom Peterson played the Easter Bunny entertaining about 100 children on a cool day with the last of winter's snow surrounding the area.

The park is open year-round serving as a main north-south route for snowmobiles in winter. Various events, public and private, are held throughout the year. The park has facilities available during summer months and an animal park with deer on the west edge.

Group Winners
Background: Cassie Mayer, Brianna Zemke, and Kirsten Gutting. In front is Josh Beebe.

This is the business end of the Easter Egg Hunt and drawing for prizes begins on a very cool day before Easter.

Winners of the grand prizes. (left to right). Brianna Brihn (Grades 3 and up), Emily Waalen (Kindergarten-Grade 2), and Kaian Lyons (Preschool and under).
Bunny Posing
The Easter Egg Hunt is for the youngsters. But the 64 dollar question is who really had the most fun? The youngsters or the mature people in the background.
Tomorrow's generation hard at work today.
Shaking Hands with Easter Bunny

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