Deer Park's Summertime Celebration, 2003

John Murtha
Above John Murtha, right Mike Murtha.
Mike Murtha
The spotlight is on John Murtha of Baldwin, and Mike Murtha of Hammond, turning in another excellent performance in Deer Park on June 27, 2003.

Dancing Scene
Deer Park dances away the evening. The band has their own sound and lighting tech making the performance in Deer Park's outdoor theater a top notch performance.
Crowd listening to music
Good food, drinks, entertainment and an ideal temperature that folks in Deer Park, Texas only get inside this time of the year.

The fireworks have looked the same for decades but with a close up electronic-controlled display by Willow River Electric, Deer Park, the senses come close to overload just watching it.

Fireworks in front of DeCosse sign.

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