The 5th Annual

Deer Park 5K/5 Mile Run/Walk of 2011

July 2, 2011

Runners ready
Deer Park runners are ready once again in 2011 for a 5k or 5 mile run/walk, July 2, 2011.

After a hiatus of a year, the Deer Park 5K/ 5 Mile Run/Walk comes back to life larger than ever with 78 participants. This year the race was a benefit for the adaption of Ilya and also featured a 5 mile race with 12 participants. The race organizers were once again Joe and Ilisa Ailts of Deer Park.

Twins Winners
The 5 mile winners Tony Meyers and twin sister Heather (Meyers) Wimer.

The 5 mile winners were the Meyers Twins of the Dresser-St. Croix Falls area. Tony Meyers ran the 5 mile race in 27:13 the overall winner. His twin sister, Heather (Meyers) Wimer ran the 5 miles in 34:19, the overall women's winner. Heather remarked that she ran the race 7 minutes slower and was born 7 minutes behind her brother Tony.

If Tony had been running the 5K, his time would have been just under 17 minutes, and Heather's 5K time would have been about 21:19.

The race day on Saturday morning was close to ideal with clear skies, calm winds and temperatures around 70 degrees.

5 K winner
Nick Sokolowski in the 13-19 year class comes in first overall wrapping up the 5K run in 19:17.
5k Women's Winner
Kathryn Grinnell, in the 20-29 year class, is the overall female winner running the 5K in 31:54.

The walkers of the Deer Park Run/Walk finish the race too. It just takes a bit longer but it still is fun.
Gabby Lubich, in the 50-59 year category, turns in an impressive performance running 5K in 20:20.


The video is 7 minutes 55 seconds long. Due to an adverse lighting condition the 5 mile runner arrivals were not recorded.

Deer Park 5K Results July 2, 2011
sorted by time, sex and age
66 5K participants
Name Time Comments Name Time Comments
Men (25) 0-12 years Women 30-39 years
Jackson Sokolowski 21:15 (1st in age group) Libby Hose 27:14 (1st in age group)
Forrest Alton 41:57 (2nd in age group) Jen Olander 31:54 (2nd in age group)
Jack Alton 42:11 Cori Hofmeister 33:47
Brock Swenson 54:38 Carrie Borgstrom 34:56
Michelle Carlson 34:56
Men 13-19 years Janel Krueger 51:32
Nick Sokolowski 19:17 (overall male winner) Sara Swenson 53:58
Andrew Nelson 19:44 (1st in age group) Kelly Swenson 54:38
Josh Monnot 22:48 (2nd in age group) Marcy Raspberry 61:00
Nicolas Fehlen 36:41 Angela Peterson 61:00
Men 20-29 years Women 40-49 years
Mike Tansey 21:56 (1st in age group) Mary Glieden 21:03 (overall female winner)
Joe Hofmeister 26:48 (2nd in age group) Janice Nilssen 32:12 (1st in age group)
Mike Kohles 35:08 Melissa Buhr 32:12 (2nd in age group)
Kris Thomas 39:04
Men 30-39 years Julie Elmer 48:47
Mike Swenson 26:19 (1st in age group) Cheryl Meier 51:30
Mike Hofmeister 28:28 (2nd in age group) Stacy Johansen 52:41
Jesse Carroll 33:29 Amy Link 53:08
Judd Alton 42:11
Women 50-59 years
Men 40-49 years Lori Nuebel 30:23 (1st in age group)
Ron Nelson 20:08 (1st in age group) Nancy Gleason 39:04 (2nd in age group)
Jeff Geving 22:22 (2nd in age group) Linda Stalhiem 41:23
Dave Wirth 28:09 Pat Donahue 41:46
Mark Hein 31:56 Katie Jones 45:04
Allan Fehlen 37:54 Mary Hofmeister 50:11
Joe Szekeres 54:31 Karen Zemke 52:20
Rebecca Carroll 61:00
Men 50-59 years
Gabby Lubich 20:20 (1st in age group) Women 60+ years
Daryl Jones 28:53 (2nd in age group) Kris Lubich 29:41 (1st in age group)
Robin Haberman 29:59 Kathy Jensen 49:33 (2nd in age group)
Men 60+ years Deer Park 5 Mile results (12)
Jeff Reed 25:50 (1st in age group) Men 20-29 years
Brian Nolde 37:19 (1st in age group)
Women (41)
Women 13-19 years Men 30-39 years
Anne Frank 23:50 (1st in age group) Tony Meyers 27:13 (overall male winner)
Women 20-29 years Men 40-49 years
Kathryn Grinnell 31:54 (1st in age group) Joe Kelzer 34:30 (1st in age group)
Amanda Likewise 32:18 (2nd in age group) Dan Keilen 41:31 (2nd in age group)
Rachel Alexander 32:23
Laura Carroll 33:29 Men 50-59 years
Kristen Rolling 33:47 Mark Sampson 46:27 (1st in age group)
Cassie Johnson 40:16
Brittney Johnson 40:16 Men 60-69 years
Ashley Emerson 43:10 Jim Baillargeon 37:12 (1st in age group)
Chaza Hofmeister 50:11
Nicole Jensen 51:20 Women 30-39 years
Brittanee Zemke 51:20 Heather Meyers Wimer 34:19 (overall female winner)
Jenna Schone 51:20 Holly Connors 34:40 (1st in age group)
Heather Larson 35:16 (2nd in age group)
Tammy Briseno 37:49
Tera Busker 39:00
Women 40-49 years
Karla Szekers 52:02 (1st in age group)
Name Time Comments Name Time Comments

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