Memorial Day 2011

A portion of the Memorial Day crowd reciting the Pledge of Allegiance of the United States.

The New Richmond VFW and American Legion Honor Guard once again salute the buried veterans at Calvary Cemetery on Memorial Day, May 30, 2011. On the far right is Dennis Hurtis, squad leader. The day's weather was threatening and during the salute to the buried veterans the severe weather warning sirens sounded. But not a drop of rain fell.
Carolyn Mertz, Lowell Fouks and the speaker of the day Jayneann Gagnor, Pastor of the Deer Park United Methodist Church.

Memorial Day in 2011 occurred during threatening spring weather. The blustery winds of years past were back.

Dennis Hurtis was this year's Honor Guard squad leader once again. The New Richmond VFW and American Legion squad stopped at Cylon, Stanton, Deer Park and two additional stops afterwards.

In 2011, Calvary has 118 buried veterans with no additions during the past 12 months.

Jayneann Gagnor of the Deer Park United Methodist Church was this year's speaker. At noon sharp on Memorial Day the flag is raised back to full staff as shown in the video.

Pastor Jayneann's complete sermon and prayer, 12 minutes and 21 seconds long, is available on the United Methodist Church webpage.

Video contents:
VFW/American Legion and Memorial Day program video 4 min 59 sec.

Mobile Video file (iPods and other hand-held devices) calvary2011.mp4: 4 minutes, 56 seconds | 58,331,411 Bytes. VFW/American Legion salute only. Right click to download to your desktop.

Closing remarks by Lowell Fouks, Calvary Cemetery sexton:

Coffee is on at the community center so you can stop in there and enjoy some coffee and visit with friends under a roof! Thank you all for coming. It took a little more determination to do it this year. Hope you have a good day.

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