Memorial Day 2007

Bob Kastens and Nole Cook
Bob Kastens and Nole Cook carried the colors and the Erick Vick Post 213 flag.

The Memorial Day observance at Calvary Cemetery in 2007 went through a major transition with the disbanding of the Deer Park American Legion in the fall of 2006. The Deer Park unit was replaced in 2007 by the New Richmond American Legion.

The New Richmond squad leader was Chuck Mehls, familiar to many in this area, and two of the six members in the New Richmond squad were from the former Deer Park unit.

Mr. Mehls was a teacher to Deer Park students in high school dating from the early 1960's on. His teaching duties included drivers education and the formation of a precision marching unit plus other subjects. He also reorganized emergency services in New Richmond after a private concern abandoned this business. For much of his career he has saved the day for the New Richmond area and on Memorial Day 2007 he did just that again, but this time in Deer Park.

Also present as usual was the American Legion Auxiliary and Ruth Severson was out selling poppies, reportedly having a successful day.

The weather itself was seasonal being typically blustery. Threatening looking clouds off to the north passed by early on but when the time came the weather cooperated with ideal temperatures in the upper 60's. The 2007 holiday turned out to be one of the nicer Memorial Days with one of the largest crowds in recent history at Calvary.

New Richmond American Legion

The New Richmond American Legion did an excellent job filling in for the disbanded Deer Park American Legion. In the background the Erick Vick Post 213 flag still flies. Other legionnaires looked on wearing their Deer Park Post 213 uniforms.

This year the Legionnaires called at Cylon and Saint Bridget's Cemetery before completing their tour at Deer Park's Calvary Cemetery.

Chuck Mehls and squad, carried out an impressive performance.right

Lowell Fouks and Chuck Mehls
Two old soldiers talk about old times. But the talk wasn't about old war stories but old school stories. Lowell Fouks, Calvary Cemetery sexton, (left) was a student of Chuck Mehls' driver training program at New Richmond High School - a while ago.

Dan and Ruth Severson
Ruth Severson still sold poppies for the American Legion Auxiliary. Son, Dan Severson, is pictured with Ruth.

Pastor Dan
Pastor Dan from Saint Paul Lutheran, Deer Park, is the speaker at the 2007 Memorial Day observance.

Calvary Cemetery survived an area wind storm just a few days earlier with flags and trees remaining in place.

Nole Cook led the opening song, "The Star Spangled Banner".

Listen to Pastor Dan's 2007 Memorial Day prayer.

1 minute 8 seconds.

Calvary sexton Lowell Fouks comments on the legion transition and remembers Deer Park's 108 veterans including William Stuntz, Orville Gust, and Vernon Setter.

1 minute 23 seconds

Aaron Peters
Aaron Peters, 11 years old, of South St. Paul

Aaron Peters, 11 years old, arrived once again in a Civil War uniform at Deer Park's Calvary Cemetery on Memorial Day, May 28, 2007. This year the uniform he had on was found in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Aaron's studies of history continue on and they include other eras besides the Civil War.

Last year Aaron said he had a relative who fought in the Civil War, and survived the experience. Today he paused by the grave of Civil War Veteran Ole Olson (1825-1921).

Ole Olson, was a Private in Company F 3rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infintry. Olson was drafted October 6, 1864 and was mustered out on July 18, 1865. After his discharge, he walked home from his unit some where in the south. Olson immigrated to the Deer Park area from Trondheim, Norway in 1858.

Ole Olson was the great-great grandfather of Ralph Olson. Ironically Aaron stood by the grave of Henry Finke last year and Finke was also Ralph Olson's great-great grandfather.

Aaron Peters is the grandson of Bob and Harriet Lau, Osceola.

Bill Stuntz was the veteran honored in 2007, and his obituary and photo is posted in the Calvary Cemetery obituary archive. Last year Bill took part in the 2006 Memorial Day observance at Calvary.

Closing remarks by Lowell Fouks, Calvary Cemetery sexton:

"Once again there is coffee and refreshments at the community center. And Ruth Severson is out there somewhere pushing her poppies if you want to buy one. The money goes to a good cause. A couple items, of the list of recent burials doesn't list Tom Kahler's name, and yesterday there were two burials, for June Thompson and Bill Stuntz. And if you're wondering about the cemetery fence, the Methodist Church has contributed money to pay the Boy Scouts and hopefully by the end of the summer that fence will finally be painted. And they are also looking into planting some of the trees to replace the trees that we lost out here. As many of you know on Wednesday night we had an awful windstorm. We got two trees down at home and some damage, part of a windbreak fence blew out in a hayfield, so I rushed down here because I just put the flags out on Tuesday. And boy was I smiling when I found only 4 flags had pulled lose on one staple, except a couple twigs and tipped over a couple plants that had fallen and that was it. So I am glad the cemetery was looking good. And I thank you all for coming and enjoy the rest of the day."

Boy Scout Troop 146 paints the fence at Calvary in 2007 »

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