Memorial Day 2004

The Memorial Day Sky in 2004Residents in the Deer Park area spent much of the Memorial Day weekend looking skyward. With a low pressure system stalled over Wisconsin, wave after wave of heavy rain threatened and then washed out holiday activities.

But when Memorial Day dawned the sun came out, almost on cue. As the day progressed and commemorations throughout the area were completed, the skies returned back to the original threatening state and opened up, dumping more rain.

May will be the 10th wettest in history ending a drought, as proclaimed by the national weather service, beginning in September of 2003.

"We will conclude the program by singing the songs 'America' and 'America The Beautiful', after which you can go to the Deer Park Community Center, enjoy some coffee and visit with your friends. Fortunately you don't have to rush, the weather gave us a break. Last night as I was making the rounds with my staple gun, stapling the flags back on the staffs because of the wind yesterday which was blowing the other direction. Being soaked clear through from the rain and after a week of worrying about the weather, I'm a pretty happy fellow." -Memorial Day closing remarks by Lowell Fouks.

Calvary Cemetery on Memorial Day 2004
Calvary Cemetery, Memorial Day 2004

Bill StuntzVernon Setter

Deer Park American Legion, Memorial Day 2004
The Deer Park American Legion on Memorial Day 2004, makes the last stop at Calvary after appearing in Cylon, St. Bridget's in Stanton, and East Immanuel Lutheran Church north of Deer Park. Pictured above: Bernard Matthys, Bob Kastens, Bob Kaczmarski, Nole Cook, Ed Hougdahl, Merlin Frank, Larry Lovegren, Vernon Setter, 91, (with flag left), Bill Stuntz (with flag right).

Merlin Frank
Merlin Frank is at the Joseph V. Barsch grave where the American Legion saluted the buried veterans on Memorial Day 2004.

Background: Bob Kaczmarski, Nole Cook, Ed Hougdahl, Larry Lovegren.

See the American Legion at the Deer Park Community Center on Vet's Day 2003.

Rev. Terry Koca

Reverend Terri Koca was the speaker at the 2004 commemoration on a cool, blustery day.

Listen to an introduction by Lowell Fouks and a prayer by Reverend Koca, pastor of the Deer Park United Methodist Church. (58 seconds)

Nole Cook
Nole Cook Leads the Singing

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