Memorial Day 2006

Vernon Setter Memorial
The Deer Park American Legion, Post 213, salute the buried veterans on Memorial Day 2006 at the grave of Vernon Setter.

Two veterans were honored today, Orville Gust and Vernon Setter. Last year Vernon carried the American flag, as he had done for many years, at the Memorial Day 2005 observance. Both veterans served during WWII. Legionnaires above: Arild Matson, Elden Spencer, Bill Stuntz, Ed Houghdahl, Merlin Frank, Nole Cook, Pete Thompson, and Bob Kastens with assistance from Ed Houghdahl's son, center.

Merlin Frank
Merlin Frank pays last respects.

Memorial Day Crowd 2006
Past Memorial Day observances are often marked with cool, blustery and often threatening weather. This year record-breaking heat was the order of the day and most opted for shady places to get relief from the heat and the humidity.

Pastor Terri
Pastor Terri Koca, United Methodist Church, Deer Park is this year's speaker.

Listen to Pastor Terri's Memorial Day prayer, 1 minute 27 seconds.

Nole Cook
Nole Cook

leftPastor Terri looks at a nearby bush and comments, ". . . there is a million little bees, some of God's creation, and I just thought to myself - isn't it beautiful - what God has given us. And today I just want us all to remember - what God has given us."

Nole Cook leads the singing of "The Star Spangled Banner."right

Aaron Peters
Aaron Peters, 10 years old, of South St. Paul

Aaron Peters, 10 years old, arrived in a Civil War uniform at Deer Park's Calvary Cemetery on Memorial Day, May 29, 2006. Aaron said he had a relative who fought in the Civil War, and survived the experience. Today he paused by the grave of Civil War Veteran Johann Heinrich Finke (1825-1895). Johann served in the 17th Wisconsin Infantry from 1861 to 1865. Johann Finke was an early settler on 120 acres in section 18 Cylon about 1858. Finke was then drafted into the Union Army, and was a POW at the Andersonville Confederate Prisoner Camp during the Civil War until a prisoner swap. (October 6,1864-May 19,1865). He also helped build the fence for Otto Neitge's "Deer Park".

Aaron is the grandson of Bob and Harriet Lau, Osceola.

Orville Gust and Vernon Setter honored in 2006, have their obituaries and photos posted in the Calvary Cemetery obituary archive.

Closing remarks by Lowell Fouks, Calvary Cemetery sexton-

"The community center is all set up and ready for you to have coffee and visit with your friends - in the shade! I think they said this is close to a record hot weekend and for the last two days I spent out here mowing, I would attest to that. But I still managed to get rained on. Thank you all for coming and enjoy the rest of the day."

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