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North Country 4-H

Deer Park, Wisconsin
General Leader Contact: Cheryl Kemling 246-2890

The North Country 4-H Club meets the second Monday of the month at 7 p.m. in the basement at St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Fun, games, community service, and planning for the fair are just some of the things the club enjoys!

August 2007 Highlights

NC 4-H at Holiday
NC 4-H members are busy at the "Four Corners", which is the intersection of 46, 63 and 64 three miles south of Deer Park.


The summer of 2007 has been one of torrid heat and humidity. But on Saturday, August 4, 2007; the heat of summer eased up a bit for North Country 4-H.

Brats and hot dogs were served at the Holiday Station located at the Four Corners from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. The club members all worked two hour shifts.

This couldn't have been done without the help of Angie Averil, SSG Holiday Station Manager, who coordinated the chips and the Coke wagon for the club. Deer's Locker, Jesse and Lynette, donated the hot dogs.

June 2007 Highlights


June 2007 was Dairy Month. The state-wide promotion featured events in nearby Pierce, Dunn and Pepin Counties.

Locally, North Country 4-H of Deer Park, marked the event at Deer Park's Summer Celebration on June 29 at the Village Park. The 4-H group served root beer floats and gave away information and prizes regarding the June Dairy Days Promotion. Last year the promotion was located on Main street at the Bremer Bank building.

The Summer Celebration Grand Finale at the park features an electronically controlled fireworks show at dusk.

4H at the Summer Celebration
North Country 4-H at Deer Park's Summer Celebration.

May 2007 Highlights

North Country work crew at sign
D.P. Deer

During the May 2007 meeting North Country 4-Hers filled the flower barrel under the deer by the community bulletin board sign. It will be taken to the fair to be displayed in July. Char Croes, project leader, did a craft with the 4-Hers. The cement blocks they made will be displayed near the deer and flower barrel. They read "4-H, head, hands, heart, and health"

Thanks to Cheryl Kemling for providing these images.

Flower pot maintenance
five at work.
Above: Project leader Char Croes assists the 4-H group.

« Deer Park's Community Bulletin Board gets its spring tune up.


Easter Egg Hunt 2007 Highlights

Easter 2007 Crew
The people that made the Easter Egg Hunt of 2007 happen at the Deer Park Village Park, Saturday, April 7, 2007.

The Bunny keeps the youngest fascinated.
If it looks like these youngsters are freezing, it is because that is where the temperature was on April 7th.

The Easter Bunny has arrived and it is time to go to work, as played by Cody Wilcoxson.

Easter 2007 has come and gone once again. As usual, this was yet another chilly Easter weekend. The North Country 4-H Easter Egg Hunt on April 7th was held when the reported high was 32 degrees at the New Richmond airport weather station.

Thanks to Pam for providing photos of the 2007 hunt.


January and February 2007 Highlights

Senior Center Crafts
The Senior Center gets decorative winter door hangers created at a January 2007 North Country meeting.
St Patrick's Day
In February 2007 St. Patrick's day decorations are created.

Dental Health
North Country 4-Hers have big smiles at the February meeting that observed Dental Health month.

The January craft was led by Rachel Wilcoxson. The 4-Hers did Winter Door Hangers for the seniors in Deer Park.

The February craft was led by Sierra Rutledge. The 4-Hers did "pots of gold".

The Dental Health Month speaker in February was Katie Wilcoxson, a dental assistant who just graduated in January. She is also a North Country 4-H Club leader.

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